Civil Engeneering Consultancy

ISO Certifikati

About Us

We are a group of accredited Engineers, project managers and technicians from Croatia and nearby countries with experience in construction business of over 20 years in Europe and 5 years in the region of Middle East. In our work we have pursued numerous projects in all its stages; from the feasibility study stage to the Taking over stage, in the role of the Contractor or the supervision consultant, designing consultant or the Investor.

In the past we were engaged in various construction and consultancy companies playing significant part in their development and, in the same time, gaining our own extensive experience.

Having recognized the time of the Republic of Croatia’s accession to European Union as the breaking point and the new challenge, we made a decision to establish our own company with the general idea of utilizing our expertise to wide range of clients who wish to bring their infrastructural or any other construction project to the successful end with as fewer problems possible, administration standstills, organizational difficulties etc. and within the scheduled time frame and budget.