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“Rječina“ Bridge, “Katarina” viaduct and “Katarina” road tunnel on City of Rijeka detour

Project: “Rječina“ Bridge, “Katarina” viaduct and “Katarina” road tunnel on City of Rijeka detour

Employer: Concession Company Zagreb – Rijeka Motorway

“Rječina” bridge – massive RC frame bridge with inclined piers. Spans 50 + 108,5 + 50 m. Construction method – free cantilevering of inclined piers using geotechnical anchors, first superstructure span to be cast on the steel truss rested upon ancillary piers, second (middle) span to be cast by free cantilever method – post tensioning system Dywidag. “Katarina” Viaduct – beam bridge with monolithic deck with 9 spans of 18 m. Tunnel “Katarina” – road tunnel – excavation by New Austrian tunneling method; primary shoring – shotcrete reinforced by steel fibres + steel arch truss + Swellex anchors and/or IBO anchors. Somewhere, when necessary, pipe roof system was used. Secondary shoring – Reinforced concrete cast in steel mold 12 meters long.

We performed the roles of the Contractor’s Project Manager, Authorized Site Manager, bridgework free cantilevering method consultant, Safety Coordinator II, Planning Engineer and the Contract Manager.


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