Civil Engeneering Consultancy

Industrial Interchange in Doha, State of Qatar

Project: Industrial Interchange in Doha, State of Qatar

Employer: Public Works Authority, Roads Affairs

Structural works – Industrial Viaduct – post tensioned box girder cast on site for the superstructure – 550 m; double Salwa Road Bridges – post tensioned box girder cast on site – 2 x 250 m, double roundabout bridges – pre-stressed slab superstructure, underpass – 670 m long. Slab founding, bored piles on the abutments. Total concrete quantity 100.000 m3.

Utility works – micro tunnel dia 3.0 m for the rainfall drainage system – 9600 m, relocation of existing and construction of new water network DI ϕ 400 – 700 mm – 23 km, relocation of existing TSE (treated sewage effluent) and foul sewerage – 10 km, construction of new TSE and foul gravity and pressurized network – 12 km of HDPE and DI pipes ϕ 200 – 400mm, construction of new drainage system – 24 km of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and VC (vitrified clay) pipes ϕ 300 – 700 mm, electrical works (up to 66 kV), Q-tel works, Qatar Armed Forces works, Intelligent Traffic System.

Road works – excavation (260.000 m3), filling works 200.000 m3, crushing, sub base, cement treated base, asphalt works (350.000 tons), Reinforced Soil Walls, landscaping, detour roads – 27 km prior to the execution of the main works.

We performed the roles of the Contractor’s Project Manager, Construction Manager, Head of Engineering department Head of HSE department, Head of QA/QC department, Senior Planning Engineer and the Contract Manager.


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